Contemporary Extensions Design

Contemporary Extensions Design

Oaktree Architectural Ltd are the masters of all things surrounding extension design. As a leading architectural design company, we know how to spot trends, and we know which designs are currently popular in the modern market - such as contemporary extensions design.

Contemporary Extensions Design

For many people, there comes a time where more space is needed in a property. Perhaps a new member of the family has come along, or maybe you’ve all just outgrown your existing space? Regardless, extensions are a fantastic way to provide your property with additional rooms and more space.

With contemporary extensions design, we take a regular extension and level it up. We implement modern design trends and skills to ensure you get an extension that’s contemporary and gorgeous.

It doesn’t matter how old your existing property is, you can still make use of our contemporary extensions design service. Many people live in old builds and want to modernise their home with a new kitchen area or a less-outdated living space. We can bring this to you and come up with a design that helps freshen up even the oldest of buildings.

We Fulfill Any Design Brief

If you’re interested in our contemporary extensions design service, then get in touch with us via email or by phone. We can arrange an appointment and consult with you on your design brief. If you have no idea what you want to be designed, then don’t worry. We’ve dealt with clients that know they want a contemporary extension but aren’t sure about how they want it designed. We handle this and can draw up some designs for you to look over and suggest any changes for us.

Likewise, if you have a design brief, we work hard to ensure we fulfill it. We take all of your notes onboard and come back with a design that ticks all the boxes.

Our whole process is broken down into four different steps; Step one is the initial meeting, Step two is us writing a quotation and telling you what services we’ll carry out. Step three is you accepting our quotation and allowing us to survey your property. Step four is you signing off on our design meaning we can move ahead with the planning application.

Step three is very important as we need to properly survey your property to come up with our perfect final design.

You never have to sign off on a final design unless you’re 100% happy with it. If you think things should be added or changed, let us know. All we care about is providing exquisite contemporary extensions design for our customers. We don’t have an ego, if you don’t like something, tell us, and we can make it better.

As you can see in the gallery section on our site, we’ve already designed many beautiful contemporary extensions. All of our customers are left totally satisfied and in love with their new extensions.

If you’re keen to enjoy this service, book a meeting with us today, and we can get started on step one of our process. Or, give us a call if you want more information on this service.

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