Design & Planning

No one wants to get halfway through an expensive construction project only to find they are unable to complete it.  The problem may be practical, legal, or financial, but ultimately lack of proper planning is likely to result in failure.  If you are looking for a company to help with architectural planning, Oaktree Architectural can help.  With a wide range of experience dealing with all matters relating to building projects, we are the company for architectural design Thirsk residents rely on to get the job done.

Architecture Planning York

If you aren’t experienced in architectural planning, York may prove to be a difficult place to build.  A historic city will always have certain limitations and regulations which apply to new builds and renovations alike.  But to a firm with experience in architectural design, York represents a challenge to be conquered rather than a problem to be avoided, and we can help you to realise your dream build in this celebrated location.  Many buildings in the city are traditional in appearance, but that doesn’t mean modern features like conservatories and orangeries don’t go down well too.  If your new home includes orangery architecture, York householders may be persuaded to follow the new fashion.  And of course, when it comes to conservatory design in York residences are already as well represented as most British cities.

Architectural Planning Malton and Tadcaster

For some developers who come to use for help with architectural design,  Malton represents the area’s best kept secret for new builds.  New build architectural design is where developers really get to spread their wings and create dream homes free from the constraints imposed by whatever may have stood on the site previously.  Likewise, among those undertaking architectural planning, Tadcaster is seen as an up-and-coming area suitable for new builds.  If you engage Oaktree for architectural design, Tadcaster may be just the place for you to site your development.

Services Offered by Oaktree Architectural

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve the goals of your building project. Beginning with a site inspection and in-depth consultation, we can liaise with all parties to help the process get underway quickly and smoothly.  Once we have discussed your specific requirements and other possibilities, we will investigate permitted development which applies to your project and complete a full planning application.  We will also discuss costing with you.  Remember, when it comes to architectural design, planning is crucial to ensure that the project goes smoothly.

Once the design brief and fees have been agreed, we can move on to making a more detailed site inspection, taking photographs and measurements which will inform the final design.  We will make scale drawings and can produce virtual 3D models if required.  When the final design is approved, design drawings will be produced.

It may be a vast and largely rural county, but in terms of architectural design, Yorkshire is teeming with inspiration and diversity.  See our website for more information.

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