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Building Regulations at Oaktree Architectural

Building regulations are an essential part of any construction project, no matter how big or small. At Oaktree Architectural, we divide our services into six distinct stages, with the first four stages comprising of the design and planning stages. Today we’re going to turn our attention to the final two stages that make up the building regulations part of the work we do.


Building regulations exist for your safety and security, as a means of quality control. They are a standard way to measure the minimum requirements of the building project and make sure that they are all at least met, if not exceeded. These regulations could include thinking about the foundations of the building, whether fire escapes need to be implemented into the design, what the drainage systems will be, how the building will be ventilated, and so on. As well as this, we may consider additional features, whether you are concerned about creating a sustainable building design, or if you want extra insulation incorporated into your building.


During the building regulation stage, we will also liaise with your Local Authority through their building control department. This involves sending the LA any required paperwork, which would include our architectural CAD building regulation drawings, which have plans with elevations at a scale of 1:50. Additionally, this includes more detailed parts at a scale of 1:20. Usually, you will be able to see the foundations, wall and roof. Liaising with the LA is imperative to any building project to ensure that approval is given before any construction work begins.

Schedule of Works and Specification

The sixth stage is the part that comprises of providing a full schedule of works and specification as an additional extra. These documents provide a holistic view of the building project, where you can see the itemised list with the costing of any preferred suppliers for items including windows, doors, bathrooms, kitchens, and more. It also includes smaller aspects of the project, which are just as vital, such as plug pockets and skirting boards. This stage offers you greater control over the prices and quality of the final result, and it gives you a more accurate picture of the total cost.

Bespoke Service

At Oaktree Architectural, we believe we offer our clients a bespoke service as we can offer to tailor our services to your individual requirements. This unique aspect of our business means that we are able to provide complete satisfaction when it comes to both customer service and the final outcome of your building and design project. Most of the work we do is through recommendations from previous clients, so we aim to make sure everyone is happy throughout the process until completion.

Contact Us

If you would like to find out more about building regulations in York, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by completing our online contact form, or emailing us at On our contact page, you will find all other details, including both onsite and offsite telephone numbers. We will be happy to advise you about your new building design project.

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