The concept of sustainability is concerned with efficiency and balance in the use of resources and the direction of development.  It is a set of values which many concerned individuals try to apply in all areas of life.  The trend has given rise to increased awareness of sustainable architecture and building design.

Sustainable house design architecture is markedly at odds with fashions of other eras, such as conspicuous consumption.  Rather than emphasizing social status by means of the acquisition of luxuries, the movement revolves around limiting the impact of individual lifestyles, business practices, and so forth.  In terms of sustainable building design, this translates as using materials which will continue to be readily available, connecting to services in ways which will not damage the environment, and implementing infrastructure with one eye on the future.

In practical terms, many new sustainable architecture standards and technologies are now part of UK  building regulations.  However, there is still a lot of scope for conscientious householders and developers to make a statement by commissioning green sustainable architecture.  Oaktree Architectural are York based residential designers who are happy to consult on sustainable house design projects.  Our 35 years’ experience in the construction industry give us a broad knowledge base which has proved beneficial to many of our clients seeking to set their properties apart in new and exciting ways.

All the paperwork involved in a new development or home alteration can sometimes be daunting, so why not let Oaktree handle your sustainable home design plans?  We have an excellent record of working with local authorities and other bodies, to achieve a satisfactory result for all parties.  As specialists in project management, we can help you bring sustainable architecture to the York area.

This is a very exciting time for anyone interested in the fields of architecture and sustainable development.  New materials and technologies have broadened the horizons of designers, and it seems like barely a week goes by without startups from around the world announcing thrilling new products.  Solar panels and green roofs may grab the headlines, but in the day to day lives of many people its little things like cycling to work which align them with the sustainability movement.  And likewise, there are a myriad of small features which mark out a dwelling as a product of sustainable design architecture.  You would be amazed at how much large south-facing windows can knock off your heating bill, or how lush and green you can keep your garden using only wastewater from sinks.

Here at Oaktree Architectural, we realise that the key to sustainable home architecture is not working harder to design dwellings, but working smarter.  What’s more, everyone can benefit from the sustainability revolution.  Lower bills, less waste and improved lifestyles are the rewards awaiting those prepared to make the necessary changes, whether they live in a detached rural property or an inner city apartment.  To find out more about modern sustainable architecture in York and the surrounding areas, please contact us via our website.

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