Architectural Design Services

At Oaktree Architectural, we work with a variety of clients, such as private individuals, building contractors, businesses, community projects, and more. When designing and planning, there are a number of steps that we take.

Stage One

We begin by providing an initial on site design consultation, where we will help you to develop your ideas from your brief, noting any required stipulations for your project. At this stage, we may also discuss Permitted Development in relation to your project, as well as a full planning application. We can also look at the approximate potential build costs of your proposed project. We will explain our range of services so that you are clear about what we can help you with.

Stage Two

Once we have completed the initial consultation, the next step is to allow you to make an informed decision as to whether you would like to go ahead with Oaktree Architectural for your project. In order to help you do this, we provide you with an Architectural Fee Proposal, which includes a full breakdown of the various stages of services required for us to carry out your project.

Stage Three

Upon receiving confirmation of your acceptance of the Fee Proposal, we then move on to booking another appointment with you. At this stage, we will need to undertake a photographic and measured survey of any area that your project covers. This allows us to produce as existing to scale drawings of your property, which in turn allows us to create initial as proposed design drawings. In addition, any 3D modelling and visuals you may have opted for from your Fee Proposal. This means you will be able to get a real idea of what your finished project will look like.

Stage Four

When you have approved the final design, we then work the design drawings into full planning drawings, usually with a scale of 1:50 or 1:100. This enables us to move onto the planning application stage, as these drawings along with any other supporting information can be submitted to your LA planning department (for example, s Location Plans, Block Plans, Daylight-Sunlight Assessments, and Design and Access Statements.) We will then monitor the application as we liaise with The Planners on your behalf. This final step marks the final stage in the planning and design process.

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