Architectural Video Design

Here at Oaktree Architectural, we can if you wish provide residential design services, with 3D design modelling to help you to visualise the design on your home or plot of land. Through the use of CAD (Computer Aided Design), we can provide an architectural video 3D rendering of your design as a video presentation.

Whilst our architectural services are built on the foundations of traditional 2D CAD designs, modern technology enables us to truly create a vision that you can explore in a realistic way. You will get a feel for what it is really like to be walking around inside the building as the design is brought to life.

Providing you with the best architectural visualisation video possible, you can see a fly-through presentation, which replicates the way you would naturally walk through a building, as well as offering all-over 3D 360-degree panoramic views. We can offer a photo realistic quality of both the interiors and exteriors of what your project would look like once it has come into fruition.

We pay attention to detail when it comes to your interior 3D rendering in our architectural video production, including furniture, lighting, shadows, reflection and so on. The same is accounted for when it comes to exterior video views, including street traffic, municipal facilities, and plants, in addition to the building itself. It’s also possible to plant the renders within real existing surroundings within the architectural design video presentation.

An architectural drawing video can also include highly detailed floor plans, offering a three-dimensional video view, providing an angled viewpoint. An architectural design presentation video may be used for marketing if you plan to sell the property, or simply a visualisation of the project, whereby our dynamic 3D rendering can be combined with both visual and audio elements such as narration, effects and full editing.

For more information about our architectural video videos, simply visit our contact page and we will be happy to help you.

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