Sustainable Architecture

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When it comes to the construction industry, like most other sectors, we are keen to look at how we can be more sustainable in our work. Many of our clients are also concerned about factors such as high energy costs and the impact on global warming. If you care about sustainability and green issues, we will be able to cover the simple steps you can take for your project to be more environmentally friendly.

Examples of things we can do to in this regard include making the design more energy efficient, using additional insulation, include systems for rainwater harvesting and the collection of grey water for hosepipes, as well as innovative systems for heating. You may want to use solar collectors or wind turbines to create a self-sufficient energy system. We can even reuse any suitable building materials that already exist on the site.

An example of a recent project we completed was when working with Green Energy Projects Ltd. For this project, we created a ground-mounted solar collector array system, which was made up of 2no arrays, measuring at around 9m x 3m. These are able to generate about 8kWp of electricity. Energy efficient doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on what’s important to you.

A second example includes a new luxurious underfloor heating system using air source heat pumps for 2no New Town houses in York. We ensured that it met the planning requirements for York city council’s adoption of Code 3 for sustainable homes, meaning that 5% of the energy is renewable. Whatever your project, we will be able to offer suggestions of sustainability that suit you. 

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