Architecture Drawing

Part of the process that we carry out at Oaktree Architectural is to provide example architecture drawings. Once we have established an initial design idea, this step enables us to develop those ideas in order to communicate the concept to the clients, forming a part of a coherent proposal. We will highlight the benefits to the design, and can make sure a building contractor is practically able to construct the design. These architectural drawings can also act as a record of work completed, or even demonstrate the structure of an existing building.

Using CAD and 3D design modelling, we combine the traditions of hand-drawn buildings with modern technology. Such drawings might include a variety of views, including floor plans, specific sections of a building, and units of measurement, scales, various annotations and cross-sections.

With over 35 years within the construction industry, we have developed many examples of architectural drawings. These example drawings include samples of jobs we have completed through York. The work we can show you here includes elevation drawings of a two-storey side extension and Orangery snooker room, elevation and plan drawings of a two storey rear extension to a house and a full refurbishment and both side and rear single storey extension to a dormer bungalow near Selby. Additionally, you can view building regulation drawings of a new house in Malton, as well as some commercial work such as our elevation drawings of refurbishments to the Smithy Arms at Swinton.

Based in York, here at Oaktree Architectural, we would be pleased to provide working drawing examples, and from here you can view some examples to get an idea of what we could do for you and your project. Whether it is an example of a single storey extension, or building regulation drawings, there will surely be something to suit your requirements.

Two Storey (130kb)

Rear Two Storey Extension -Proposed Elevations (96kb)

Bungalow Renovations. Proposed Elevations (2005kb)

Rear Two Storey Extension -Existing - Proposed -Plans (157kb)

Building Regulations New House Plans (234kb)

Building Regulations New House Roof Details (123kb)

Building Regulations New House Section (205kb)

Building Regulations- New House-Elevations (1100kb)

Smithy Arms Public House -Proposed G-F- Plans (103kb)

Smithy Arms Public House-Proposed Side Elevations (333kb)

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