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If you’re looking for an excellent architectural design service in York, then look no further than this website. Here at Oaktree Architectural, we’ve been bringing our vast range of design services to residential and commercial property owners for years. We’re highly trusted and thoroughly recommended by all of our previous clients. No matter what design project you have in mind, our team is in a fantastic position to ensure it’s completed to the highest standard possible.
Modern Architectural Design In York
What sets our company apart from many others is that we focus on a very modern approach to architectural design. This means that we want to help design things that look contemporary, but also that we use modern design methods too.

A lot of design companies will still use the traditional approach to things. They visit your property, draw up sketches of your home, and then add their designs to the sketches. We can still do this, but we also call upon digital technology to make the architectural design more effective.

It starts with one of our designers visiting your property after an initial consultation. During the consultation, you’ll lay down a few requirements for the design. This includes all the things essential to your plans, along with anything you absolutely do not want to see in the final design. We make a note of your brief and use it when developing the final designs for you to look over.

The property visit is a chance for the designers to take photos of your property and make any sketches of it. From here, we take the photos and drawings and develop them into 3D images. By using the very latest architectural design technology, we’re able to design a complete 3D model of your property, complete with the new extension/conversion/whatever development you’re looking for.

Why do we do this? Because it lets you see the designs in more detail and gives you a better sense of what your property will look like if you proceed with the design. It enables you to make a more informed and confident decision, leading to higher satisfaction rates!
Book Your Consultation Today!
We highly advise that you book your consultation as soon as possible. As we touched upon before, the consultation is a chance for you to give us a design brief, and for both parties to get on the same page. It’s also the perfect opportunity for us to provide you with a detailed breakdown of our architectural design services, and what we’ll do for you. We then quote a price for the service which you need to accept for us to proceed to the next stages.

Oaktree Architectural can help you with any residential or commercial architectural design projects. Our expertise lies in this field, and we have all the skills and technology available to guarantee you receive the best service out there. The customer always comes first, so we’re not happy unless you’re completely over the moon with our designs. Contact us today to book a consultation or learn more about our service.  

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