Contemporary Plans Haxby

Contemporary Plans Haxby

Embarking on a new building project is always a massive investment. One of the key decisions you need to make is choosing between a contemporary or a more traditional plan for your building project. Proper planning ensures structural integrity, elegance, performance, usability, and security. And this is where Oaktree Architectural comes in. Whether it is traditional or contemporary plans, Haxby customers can rely on the expertise of Oaktree Architectural to provide exactly what you need for your business or home construction. We also have the expertise to help you add a conservatory to an existing property.

A team of experienced architects you can rely on
With over 35 years in the industry, Oaktree Architectural has racked up decades of experience in providing both the traditional and contemporary plans Haxby customers need. We have kept up with the times and have modified the company to provide the contemporary solutions that modern customers want without losing track of the traditional. Our experienced team of architects can provide you with any architectural plan, working with you through every stage of the planning process. Our experience covers new building projects, building extensions and conservatories, as well as structure conversions and refurbishments. We work with clients of all types, from businesses to individual homeowners.

Quality contemporary plans Haxby clients can trust
When it comes to contemporary architectural plans, it doesn't get better than what we offer. Our designing and planning process goes through four unique stages to ensure that we give you the outcome you deserve.

Stage one: We will assist you in expanding or elaborating on your preferred site design and ideas while recording any specifications for your project. At this stage, we can also provide you with estimations of the project cost and the expenses of any other service we may offer.

Stage two: Armed with all the information you need, you'll be able to decide whether you want to go ahead with the project using our services. Should you choose us, you'll receive a detailed rundown of every service stage required in the necessary order for us to deliver your project.

Stage three: After accepting our proposal, we will undertake a measured and photographed survey of your project area to provide scale drawings of your property. We also utilise modern techniques like 3D modelling to give you a visual idea of the end outcome.

Stage four: Once you approve, we will produce the final design and submit it to the local authority's planning department. We will also provide all supporting information needed, liaise with all partners on your behalf, and monitor the application process.

We also provide a modern approach to sustainability
We design contemporary plans that are sustainable. That means we take the time to factor in large and small factors like climate changes, energy costs, and other environmental issues when producing your designs. We also provide you with different ways to add a range of energy-saving solutions like solar energy and energy-efficient heating to your property.

So, kindly contact us to kick-start the contemporary plan discussions for your building project. We are, after all, your reliable architectural partner.

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