Architectural Design Haxby

Architectural Design Haxby

If you’re looking for an excellent architectural design Haxby offers, look no further than Oaktree Architectural. We are experts in the type of architectural design Haxby customers need, having brought our vast range of services to both commercial and private property owners for decades. You become part of our tall list of happy clients if you choose to work with us. And you can rest assured that our trusted team will give you the design service you need, no matter your project type.

Architectural design services you can trust
At Oaktree Architectural, we provide a number of architectural design services you can trust. Here are a few of our services.

Design and planning

We are experts in designing and planning architectural projects of all types. We take our customers through different stages, starting with an initial consultation, where a client gets an idea of the project cost. The next stage provides a client with a list of services required, followed by measured surveys and photographs of the project area. We then provide scale drawings of the property, which are later developed into full drawings and submitted to the planning department of the local authority.

Adherence to local building regulations

We always ensure that your structure meets local and industry standards. That’s why we take the extra step to ensure that things like ventilation, drainage systems, insulation, fire escapes, and so on are available as required by local regulations.

Sustainability and energy efficiency solutions

The world is moving towards taking more energy-efficient and sustainable measures, considering the impact of global warming and the constant rise in energy costs. At Oak Architectural, we ensure that your structure is sustainable, taking advantage of energy-efficient solutions in various aspects of the design stage. For example, we can include extra insulation, innovative heating, and rainwater harvesting solutions in your architectural design project. We can also help you find unique ways to make your structure self-sufficient.

Experts in architectural design
Oaktree Architectural has a team of experienced experts ready to work with you to design a structure you will love. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we have kept up with many changes and have modified our techniques over the years to keep them modern. Our architects will work with you every step of the design process so you don’t feel left out. We also focus on offering top-notch customer services to all our clients.

We offer a modern approach to architecture
We’re not stuck in the old ways of doing things. While we can still use the traditional approach to architectural design, we focus on incorporating digital tech solutions to make our designs more effective. This is just one of the several things that set our company apart from the others. We aim to create designs that look contemporary and hold value in the modern market, and we take advantage of modern design methods to achieve this.

Contact us today to learn more about our architectural design services in Haxby and book a consultation.

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