Building Regulation Drawings

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Once the design and planning stages are complete, we can then move on to the fifth step.

Stage Five

The fifth step in the process is regarding building regulations, which are a vital part of any building project. This stage ensures that the building work will have a minimum standard of quality when it comes to the actual construction. This step involves the consideration of various aspects of construction, including fire escapes, the building’s foundations insulation, drainage systems, ventilation and so on. We will cover the minimum requirements, as well as any additional features you may desire, for example, extra insulation. We continue to liaise with your LA through the building control department, submitting any necessary paperwork to them, including our detailed CAD Building Regulation drawings. These would include plans with elevations at a scale of 1:50, as well as more intricately detailed sections at a scale of 1:20. These typically show the foundation, wall and roof construction details. This stage helps to make sure that your project will gain full building regulation approval before any work is started.

Once the Building Regulation stages are complete, we can then move on to the sixth step.

Stage Six

The next stage is a Full Schedule of Works & Specification. In this additional step, if you wish we can offer our services to prepare and collate a full schedule of works & specification documents, which are comprehensive specification documents involving itemising and costing any preference for supplies on each item such as windows, doors, bathrooms, kitchens and so on, down to the finer details of plug pockets and skirting boards. These written documents will allow you to have more control over both the costing and the quality of the work, giving you a more accurate idea of the overall cost.


So as you can see Oaktree Architectural can offer a tailored service to suit your individual needs, which we feel is second to none. Our work ethic is that we aim to leave every one of our clients more than happy to recommend us to their friends and associates. We find it works as over 90% of our work portfolio comes from recomendations.




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