Contemporary Extensions Design Haxby

Contemporary Extensions Design Haxby

Building designs are changing with the times, and property owners are beginning to make the necessary structural design changes to keep up with modern trends. Whether you own a business or private property, you cannot deny the importance of making the needed contemporary touches to ensure that the structure remains valuable in the modern world. Buyers are also looking for properties that meet modern needs. Regardless of how contemporary you want your building design to look, Oaktree Architecturals offer the solution you need. We are the masters of contemporary extensions design Haxby property owners need.

Your best option in contemporary extensions design Haxby
What makes Oaktree Architecturals your number option if you need any form of contemporary design extensions on your property? Here are some good reasons why you should come to us.


Experience is crucial in the construction industry. You want to work with a team of architects with a proven track record of delivering contemporary architectural designs that work. Our experience in the industry transcends different construction types. And with over 35 years in the industry, we have worked with private property owners, businesses, and building contractors. We have also been involved in several community projects.

Excellent reputation

Our reputation precedes us in the Haxby community. We are known for our honesty in all our dealings and the excellent service quality we provide. We do not have a single approach to every extension design service we offer, as we understand and appreciate every client's unique situation. That's why we also aim to provide contemporary design services tailored perfectly to each client's situation and expectations.

We offer a wide range of services

Aside from providing quality contemporary extension designs, we are also experts in a wide range of architectural services that will help ensure your project is successful. For example, we have experience in navigating the Haxby building regulations. That means you can rest assured that not only will your structure meet industry standards, but you'll also have peace of mind in our planning process.

TRADA member

We use only the latest cutting-edge tech solutions and developments in every project we undertake. As a member of TRADA, we take research and development in the use of timber very seriously.

A touch of energy efficiency and sustainability
At Oaktree Architectural, we aim to contemporise and add value to your structure. That includes finding ways to make it more energy-efficient and sustainable. For example, we can incorporate sustainable solutions like better door and window technology, solar panel solutions, better insulation, energy-efficient heating systems, and so much more. We can add a touch of energy efficiency without needing to massively remodel your entire structure.

We can fulfil any design brief you want
Regardless of what type of contemporary extension design you want, don't hesitate to contact us now. We work on both old structures and new ones. Our architects are ready to arrange a consultation to discuss a design brief you will love and provide you with contemporary extension designs tailored to your needs.

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