All About Our 3D Architecture Models

Gone are the days of simple pen and pencil designs when it comes to architecture. Here at Oaktree Architectural, we are pleased to offer our clients a true insight into planning through our 3D architecture design studio, where we can offer 3D models and video 3D rendering to really visualise the final results of the project.

What are 3D Architecture Models?

In its most basic terms, the process of 3D modelling refers to the creation of a mathematical representation of a three-dimensional object or shape. You may be familiar with such visual design from video games and films, and now it is increasingly being used within the architecture industry. 3D architectural models allow us to move beyond flat, two-dimensional blueprints and move the design process from paper to computerised form.


Whilst the foundations of presenting pen and pencil drawing designs are valuable, we believe it is important to continually innovate our design services. Bringing our clients the latest technological developments, we can build on the traditions of architecture design to provide 3D models as part of our design process. It’s also possible to look at the tiniest details, looking at aspects such as realistic lighting and how you could place any furniture within the space.


Our 3D architecture models allow us to really communicate our vision and discuss your specifications, and build on these for you to see and get a real sense of what the finished outcome will be like. Whether your home or a commercial space, we will be able to enable you to envision what it will feel like to be living or working in the space. Our 3D architecture video rendering brings the building to life, lifted from the page and offering realistic dimensions. Through this process, we are able to easily adjust designs as we are able to experiment with different designs and compare ideas. You will clearly be able to see the structure within the context of the surrounding space, which can be difficult to achieve through flat pen-and-paper designs, using imagination alone.


We have the required computer software to produce 3D modelling designs of your building plans. By using this technology, not only does it mean we are able to perfect the design process with you, but once satisfied, it is then possible to share these designs to the construction companies prior to embarking on any building work. There is a better guarantee that you will be happy with the finished product, having these 3D models as a way of setting expectations, and allowing you to follow the design journey as the project develops.

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If you would like more information about our 3D architecture models, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through our online contact form, or emailing us at On our contact page, you will find further details for both onsite and offsite telephone numbers. We will be pleased to advise you about your new building design project.

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