Building Regulations

Thanks to carefully formulated and strictly enforced building regulations, UK houses are among the best built homes in the world.  As architectural designers with over three decades’ experience and a fine record of delivering high quality, desirable homes throughout North Yorkshire and beyond, the Oaktree Architectural team have great expertise in designing compliant dwellings, preparing building regulation drawings, and liaising with local authority planning departments to ensure your project meets all the required criteria.

As a builder or prospective homeowner, what do you need to know about architectural building regulation and the building regulation drawing approval process?  What is the difference between planning drawings and building regulation drawings?  Keep reading to find out more about this important topic.

What Are Building Regulations?

First of all, building regulations are not the same as planning permission.  When you plan to build a new home or other building, it is important to communicate with the local planning authority who’s job it is to ensure that any local developments are in character with the local area and are in harmony with land use regulations.  In some cases, it is necessary to apply to change the land use status of a proposed site.  Planning permission must usually be obtained before building work can commence.

However, whereas planning permission is concerned with the location and appearance of a development and its impact on the surrounding area, it does not cover the internal structure, fixtures and fittings of the proposed buildings, or the way they will be constructed.  These issues fall under the purview of the Building Regulations laid down by the government to ensure that all buildings approved for construction will be safe and practical to build and use.  In order to satisfy these building regulations York developers must provide evidence that the new home will be built in harmony with current standards for the benefit of future occupants and the wider community.  Example building regulation drawings are an important part of this evidence.

What Is A Building Regulation Drawing?

There is a small but important difference between planning and building regulation drawings, and that difference relates to the purpose for which they are produced.  Planning drawings are those drawn by an architect for the use of the builders who will make the structure a physical reality.  Building regulation drawings show the same plans, but the information included on this version specifically relates to matters which are addressed by the regulations, such as materials, water supply, fire and electrical safety, and drainage.  The building regulation drawings are submitted to the Building Control Department of the Local Authority, who will verify that the plans meet the standards laid down in the building regulations.  They will then monitor the project to ensure the plans are followed correctly.

When in need of building regulation drawings York builders can turn to Oaktree Architectural for a thorough and professional service.  We provide Cad building regulation drawings along with all other relevant paperwork for each project.  Contact us to see building regulation drawings examples.

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